PA GOP Statement Compilation On President Obama’s PA Visit

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason and others released the following statements ahead of President Obama’s visit to Scranton:

PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason: “The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is trying to kill Marcellus Shale, and the fact that they’d be willing to destroy the thousands of jobs created by the industry to cater to the left-wing extremists is alarming. Which side of this debate is the President on — the Democratic Party’s war on shale or will he support Governor Corbett’s outstanding leadership on helping the industry grow?”

Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10: “The president’s trip through Pennsylvania is nothing but a lame duck bus tour. Rather than sit down with Congress to find solutions, the President is doing what he does best: hitting the campaign trail to propagate the same old ineffective policies. More campaigning doesn’t change the fact that the Obama presidency and Democrat policies have made life harder for young Pennsylvanians. But you can be sure, the president will talk like he hasn’t even been in charge the last four and a half years. Now, Pennsylvania Democrats are even pushing for a ban on natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania, which would be disastrous for the 10th District. The President should show some leadership and admonish the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for their job-killing stance that only would further hurt the struggling national economy.”

Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11: “President Obama refuses to consider new job-creating ideas and refuses to sit down with Congress, so he can’t get anything done for the Pennsylvanians he is now trying to glad-hand. That’s why he’s hitting the road to give speeches about the same old policies that haven’t work in the past and won’t work in the future. There’s nothing else the President can do.”

Hannah Skyler, college student from Pike County: “President Obama has no idea what his true legacy is: students graduating with thousands of dollars of debt entering an economy that has turned a cold shoulder towards job creation. Worse, Democrats want to shrink an already barren job pool by shutting down the natural gas drilling industry, ObamaCare, and the ever-expanding federal government. We need jobs, President Obama, not more rhetoric.”

Matthew Dietz, candidate for Congress in the 17th District: “While I welcome the President to Scranton. It’s clear that the Obama-Cartwright agenda of tax, spend, and borrow has been disastrous for our region. We need to be focused on solutions that help the working families of Pennsylvania live a better, more prosperous life.”