Obama Visit Highlights Democrats’ Energy Job Killing Agenda

PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason joined RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox for a conference call this morning to discuss President Obama’s “Lame Duck” Bus Tour. Chairman Gleason said:

“This President has failed on creating jobs and getting our economy moving. Traveling around like a rock star, surrounded with doting supporters will not help cities like Scranton who are suffering under the Obama administration’s policies. Worse, if Pennsylvania Democratic Party had their way to ban natural gas drilling, even fewer jobs would be left in Pennsylvania.”

Natural gas drilling is shaping up to be a divisive issue for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Democratic leaders in the State Senate followed House Democrats’ footsteps and sent a letter to PA Dems Chairman Jim Burn criticizing the State Democratic Party’s ban on natural gas drilling.

According to PoliticsPA, the letter stated: “The recent vote of 115 to 81 by the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania to support a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the Commonwealth has left us a bit dumfounded [sic] as to why members of the Democratic State Committee would base such a strong stance on myth and misperception.”

Pressing questions should be asked of State Democrats: In spite of all the criticism, why has the Pennsylvania Democratic Party defended their resolution? Why did they approve of such extreme left-wing ideology to become a foundation of their party’s ideology? The chorus of Democratic elected officials opposing the Party’s ban is growing — why is Jim Burn doubling down on his job destroying platform?

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has laughably tried to deflect criticism by attacking Governor Corbett on this issue. If there is one thing everyone knows about Governor Corbett, is that he has been a leader in helping to grow Pennsylvanians’ blossoming energy industry, and it’s thanks to his leadership that Pennsylvania is second only to Texas in “the number of workers employed by the unconventional oil and gas industry.”

The contrast is clear: Pennsylvania Democrats voted to kill jobs while Governor Corbett has steadfastly supported creating them.

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