VIDEO: Kane Reprimands Murphy In 2012: AG Can’t Pick And Choose

While sparring with Patrick Murphy in last year’s Democratic primary for Attorney General, Kathleen Kane told Murphy that he can’t “pick and choose” which laws to enforce. Now, Kane is doing just that by ducking her responsibilities to defend Pennsylvania laws. Kane’s shameless publicity stunt is now revealed as stunning hypocrisy. As Stu Bykofsky of the Daily News reported late last week, “If doing her job creates an ethical conflict for her, she should resign.”

VIDEO: Kane reprimands Murphy: AG can’t pick and choose

Post Gazette: “In choosing partiality to her own ideas over fidelity, the Democrat refuses to do her job”
By law, one of the fundamental duties of her office is to represent the commonwealth against lawsuits. Any attorney general swears to support, obey and defend both the U.S. and state constitutions and, most pertinently, discharge the duties of the office with fidelity. In choosing partiality to her own ideas over fidelity, the Democrat refuses to do her job….America has become a nation of people who, as a matter of principle, know better than anyone else. But there is principle, too, in process, that old bulwark against anarchy. Ms. Kane thinks she struck a blow for liberty when in fact she failed to do the job she promised to do. (Kane’s mistake: She fails to do her job and defend state law . Post Gazette. July 15, 2013.)

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era: “Kane is passing the buck, that’s for sure.”
On the surface, Kane’s position is curious. Doesn’t the attorney general have a duty and responsibility to defend state law, as opposed to interpreting it?… But under Pennsylvania law, the attorney general also may allow lawyers from the governor’s office or executive-branch agencies to defend a lawsuit if it is more efficient or in the state’s best interest. This has given the attorney general a convenient out, and she didn’t hesitate to take it. But by doing so, Kane is showing that there are no interests more important to her than her own. Her view of gay marriage is not shared by — dare we say — a majority of Pennsylvanians…Kane is passing the buck, that’s for sure.” (Kane passes buck on gay marriage. Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era. July 12, 2013.)

Carlisle Sentinel: This issue is “about an attorney general’s lack of commitment to doing the job she was elected to do”
As attorney general, Kane took an oath to uphold the state’s constitution and laws…Essentially, taking that route says it’s OK for the attorney general to take a pass on any case that doesn’t mesh with his or her personal beliefs…But this isn’t about gay marriage. And it’s not about polls. It’s about an attorney general’s lack of commitment to doing the job she was elected to do. In this case, Kane failed to put aside her personal beliefs and deliver a defense of the state’s gay-marriage ban. It’s what voters put her in office to do. (Our View: Kane must support gay-marriage ban. Carlisle Sentinel. July 11, 2013)

Daily News: Resign, Ms. Kane

The state Attorney General is substituting her own preferences to Pennsylvania law, which she is sworn to uphold. Ms. Kane doesn’t get to decide constitutionality, the courts do that (Bykofksy, Stu. Resign, Ms. Kane. Daily News. July 12, 2013.)

Kane reprimands primary opponent in 2012: AG can’t “pick and choose” which laws to enforce
The two Democrats competing in the April 24 primary election for attorney general spent Thursday bashing each other over pending state legislation both oppose.

We have a theory about why.

With 18 days to go until the primary, Pennsylvania finally has a Republican presidential primary worth paying attention to.

And five guys are fighting for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate race in the fall.
So, former U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy of Bucks County and former Lackawanna County Assistant D. A. Kathleen Kane are looking for ways to motivate Democratic voters to support them for attorney general.

A controversial bill to require women to submit to a transvaginal ultrasound before an abortion might stir those voters to action.

Murphy and Kane oppose the legislation. Murphy says he wouldn’t defend or enforce the law if it passes and if he’s elected.

He jumped on a Pennsylvania Cable Network interview with Kane last week, when she called Murphy’s stance a “dangerous proposition,” adding that the attorney general can’t “pick and choose” which laws to enforce.

In a fundraising email Wednesday, Murphy’s campaign manager said Kane “pledged to defend Gov. Corbett’s ultrasound bill.”

Murphy stood by his claim Thursday, saying the issue could rally Democrats April 24. Kane called Murphy a liar trying to lure voters who support her.

Kane insists the bill would be “completely unenforceable” if it becomes law.

“He says that he supports the rights of women, but then what he is doing is lying to them to try to obtain their vote,” Kane fumed. (Brennan, Chris. Clout: Ultrasound: Dems’ fightin’ word. Daily News. April 6, 2012.)