Lawmakers Beat Budget Deadline


It was a busy day in the state capital. Lawmakers working on a midnight deadline to pass the state’s $28 billion budget, and after hours of debate they got it done…

Governor Tom Corbett signed the budget just after 10:00pm Sunday night.

The Senate passed it early Sunday afternoon with a 33-17 vote and the House followed suit just before 9:00pm.

Some key components to the budget include $5.5 billion for education, an increase of $122 million from last year.

Funding for Penn State and other state run universities will stay close to the same.

And the Pennsylvania State Police will receive $14 million to train 300 new state troopers.

After signing the bill, Governor Corbett praised state leaders for their work.

“For the 3rd straight year I have the honor of signing a budget that is on time and honors the promises I made to the citizens of Pennsylvania,” Governor Corbett says.