Budget Secretary Charles Zogby

Radio Smart Talk

This is the busiest time of year at the state capitol in Harrisburg. The last few days before a fiscal year ends and a new one is set to begin has legislative leaders working overtime to win final approval of a new state budget.

Last February, Gov. Tom Corbett proposed a $28.4 billion spending plan.

The State House, with Republicans in the majority, has passed its own $28.3 billion plan, which is similar to the governor’s. It increases spending on public education by $100 million and would cut business taxes by some $360 million. The Senate is now considering the House bill.

Corbett has also proposed privatizing state liquor sales, increasing funding for transportation infrastructure, and government and education worker pension reform. All three could have major budget implications.

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Budget Charles Zogby appears on Thursday’s Radio Smart Talk to provide an update on negotiations and the state’s fiscal situation.