Corbett Pushes For Transportation Funding

CBS Philadelphia

As Governor Corbett presses for action on proposals to raise new funding for roads, bridges, and mass transit, the focus continues to be on differences between the state House, Senate and governor on the issue.

As Governor Corbett held an event alongside a suburban Harrisburg Interstate to push for transportation funding, the chairmen of both the House and Senate transportation committees were upbeat about the prospects for getting it done in June. But, there’s broad support in the Senate for a bill that goes farther than what Corbett has proposed.

“Am I willing to be flexible on some issues? Yeah, maybe,” Corbett said. “But what do we get in return?”

The chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Republican Dick Hess, admitted some in the House think the Senate proposal is too much.

Hess: “I’ve heard that a little bit. I’ve heard that a little bit.”
Reporter: “From members?”
Hess: “Not a great deal, but I’ve heard it.”

Hess believes the House will come down somewhere between Corbett’s proposal, which would lift the cap on wholesale gasoline taxes, and the Senate bill, which would also raise the cost of vehicle fees and the fines for most moving violations.