Sestak Needs To Answer On Campaign Cash Violations

PA GOP Files FEC Complaint Against Joe Sestak

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Joe Sestak and his fundraising committees for violating provisions of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA) and regulations administered by the FEC. Joe Sestak has been illegally amassing a war chest without filing a Statement of Candidacy or Personal Financial Disclosure Report.

According to the complaint, “Joe Sestak was obligated under the law to file a Statement of Candidacy on or before February 24, 2013 — fifteen days after triggering candidate status on February 9, 2013. Furthermore, Joe Sestak was obligated to file a federal Candidate Personal Financial Disclosure Report on or before March 9, 2013 — thirty days after triggering candidate status.

“Respondents are wholly disregarding the requirements of federal law by failing to file the required public disclosures attendant to a candidate, a designation imposed upon Respondents by the raising of nearly half a million dollars during the first quarter of 2013.

“Even if Respondents claim they are operating within a ‘testing the waters’ phase whereby the decision to seek federal office in 2014 has not yet been made, it is a violation of federal law to ‘amass a campaign war chest’ during the ‘testing the waters’ phase preceding a candidacy. Specifically, FEC regulations provide that an indication of candidate status is raising funds “in excess of what could reasonably be expected to be used for exploratory activities or undertakes activities designed to amass campaign funds that would be spent after he or she becomes a candidate”. 11 C.F.R.§100.72 (2). Clearly, Respondents are amassing a war chest for purposes of a candidacy without meeting the filing requirements under federal law.”

A copy of the complaint can be downloaded here.

Chairman Gleason released the following statement, “If Joe Sestak wants to be a candidate for public office, he should be open and transparent about his intentions. Pennsylvanians rejected his liberal policies in 2010, and he is either willfully breaking the law now, or hiding his real intentions from the public. While it’s beyond negligent and wrong for Joe Sestak to be violating the law, how can anyone trust him with more responsibility when he’s proven he can’t get his own affairs in order? Joe Sestak should return all funds raised improperly until he tells the public what he’s really up to.”