Governor Tom Corbett Puts Pennsylvania Back To Work

Nearly 500 manufacturing jobs created in the last week

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Governor Tom Corbett’s strong record on job creation. Manufacturers like East Penn Manufacturing Co. (Berks) Alternate Hearing Systems (Franklin) and RWE Holding Company (Lawrence) are collectively adding nearly 500 jobs thanks to Governor Corbett’s support. Governor Corbett’s strong record on job creation will resonate with Pennsylvania voters as they continue to cite the economy as their most important issue.

“Tom Corbett is our ‘more jobs’ Governor who is putting Pennsylvania back to work. While President Obama raises taxes, Governor Corbett cuts them. When President Obama can’t get a balanced budget out the door, Governor Corbett is on his way to passing a third. While President Obama has muddled his agenda with pet projects and distractions, Governor Corbett has kept a laser focus on job creation. As Washington continues to take our nation underwater, Governor Corbett’s pro-growth, pro-jobs policies are keeping Pennsylvania afloat.”

On Thursday, April 26, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania released an infographic to highlight Governor Corbett’s unwavering commitment to create jobs in Pennsylvania. The infographic can be downloaded here.