PA GOP Releases New Website

New first step in Republican Party’s cutting-edge digital strategy

HARRISBURG — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania launched a brand new website today. The new, which pairs a fresh graphical interface with advanced backend analytics, will be used as a launchpad for all of our online activities and a hub of Republican information throughout the Commonwealth. PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement.

“The digital realm is the newest frontier in politics and the PA GOP stands ready to conquer it. This new website is the first of many upcoming initiatives that will bring our party to the cutting edge of political technology. We are constantly identifying new strategies to optimize our digital presence and reinvent how we communicate with our voters online. I am thrilled that relaunching our website will be the first step in this monumental endeavor and I remain confident that our digital efforts will keep the PA GOP in the right position to elect Republican candidates up and down the ticket in 2013-2014.”

View the new website here.