Radio Smart Talk: Rep. Scott Perry; Women Who Make A Difference


Washington’s inability to reach a federal budget deal could come to a head later this week. Friday, March 1 is when $85 billion in automatic spending cuts are scheduled to take place. Known as sequestration, the deadline was set as a way to force Congress and the White House to work together to avoid what many consider drastic cuts that neither party would want. Half of the spending reductions would come from defense and the other half from domestic programs.

The Congressional Budget Office says the sequester will result in the loss of 750,000 jobs and some say it could send the nation back into a recession. The White House indicates Pennsylvania faces cuts of $26.4 million in education, the furlough of 26,000 civilian Department of Defense employees at the state’s military facilities, and a $5.7 million reduction in funding to environmental programs.

First term Republican Congressman Scott Perry, who represents York and Adams Counties and parts of Cumberland and Dauphin Counties will address the sequester on Tuesday’s Radio Smart Talk.

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