State Rep. Mike Vereb To Host Mental Health Forum Tuesday

The Times Herald

A local lawmaker will host a mental health forum with experts and professionals in the field Tuesday night at the Lower Providence Township building.

State Rep. Mike Vereb (R-150th Dist.) has invited the public to attend the forum, calling for a need to discuss current health issues, which he says are at the forefront of concerns among Americans across the nation.

“For too long, mental health has been a secondary conversation. Now is the time to make this important issue a primary conversation as we work to draft a final state budget for the upcoming fiscal year,” said Vereb. “I wanted to bring the community together to hold a discussion with regional and state mental health experts regarding current events, news and topics related to mental health.”

Other topics of discussion will include human behavior and psychology. Participants will include former state Sen. Joe Rocks (R-4th Dist.), chief executive officer of Northwestern Human Services; Nancy Wieman, deputy director of Montgomery County Board of Health; Carol Caruso, executive director of National Alliance on Mental Illness in Montgomery County; and Dale Adair, M.D., acting medical officer of the state Department of Public Welfare, as well as local law enforcement and legal professionals.

Admission is free and doors will open Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at the township building, 100 Parklane Drive, Eagleville. For more information, visit Vereb’s website at or contact his office directly at 610-409-2615.

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