County Republicans Seek Strength In Unity

West Chester Daily Local

After the Democrats had their turn Wednesday, the Republican Committee of Chester County finalized its nominations for county positions Thursday evening.

“For those that would say the Republican Party is on its last leg I would say look at this room tonight,” committee Chairman Val DiGiorgio told a packed room at Fugett Middle School.

DiGiorgio explained the unique position the committee people were in, one that gives them the opportunity to select candidates that will represent their party, stay true to their ideals and who are “principled, hard-working, conservative judges, row officers and elected officials.”

“This is a process of which you should be proud,” DiGiorgio said. “In some other counties committee people don’t have this right, but in Chester County we value the right of the committee to make that recommendation to our voters.”

DiGiorgio added the thing they have as Republicans in Chester County is unity.

“This committee is unbeatable when it’s united,” DiGiorgio said.

Of the positions seeking nominations Thursday, two were contested: those for Chester County Controller and for judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Candidates to fill the positions of judge for the Court of Common Pleas were Jeffrey Sommer, Patrick Carmody, Allison Bell Royer and Leonard Rivera. The latter three removed themselves from the first round of balloting in order to allow Sommer to be nominated by vocal consent.

As a result of the ballots in the second round, Carmody and Royer received the majority of the votes with Carmody coming within seven votes needed for consent. Royer addressed the committee to step out of the race to omit the need for another round of ballots.

“(Committee members) are trying to make a difference and are doing it because you love this country and that’s why I’m proud very much to be running with Jeff (Sommer) and I’m proud to be associated with everyone in this room,” Carmody said.

Candidates in the race for Chester County controller were Norman MacQueen and Gail Newman. MacQueen earned the nomination by a vote of 306-107.

Incumbent Chester County Treasurer Ann Duke was nominated to retain the position.

Other nominations included: Robin Marcello for Chester County clerk of courts and Gordon Eck for Chester County coroner.

Republican Chester County Commissioners Ryan Costello and Terence Farrell weighed in on Thursday’s nominations.

“We are very excited; we feel that we have a very strong slate going into the general election in the county races this year,” Costello said.

“Not only that, we are going to work hard ourselves to bring everything we can to support the slate and make sure we enjoy victory in November,” Farrell said.

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