Corbett And McDonnell Praise Conservative Ideals At Lincoln Dinner

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The 2013 PA GOP Annual Lincoln Day Dinner was held at the Harrisburg Hilton and Republican politicos from across the state braved the inclement weather to socialize and dine.

Both contenders for a spot on the Pa. Superior court, Judge Ron Wyda and attorney Vic Stabile were present shaking hands and talking to supporters. Tonight’s dinner featured Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett as well as Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason made introductory remarks and praised Governor Corbett as “the most pro-growth and pro-jobs governor this Commonwealth has seen.”

Pa. Governor Tom Corbett’s speech centered around fiscal policy, he stated that when he ran for office he promised “we were going to bring fiscal discipline to the government” and that he has succeeded as Pennsylvania has now passed an ‘on-time’ budget two years in a row with no new taxes.

Gov. Corbett did not mention his plan to remove the cap on wholesale gasoline taxes, unsurprising as the evening’s other featured speaker, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has done away with the gas tax in his state.

Congressman Keith Rothfus (PA-12) called Corbett’s leadership pro-growth and said there exists a ‘Berlin wall’ between Pennsylvania and New York saying Pennsylvania is a place of prosperity.

A talking point of Gov. Corbett’s that garnered much applause was the proposal for liquor sales privatization. Corbett reiterated what he said during his budget proposal, “education is a function of the government, not selling liquor.”

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell lauded the principles of conservatism and praised Pennsylvania for electing thirteen Republican Congressmen in 2012. Gov. McDonnell also spoke of the importance of job creation and promoting growth in the private sector.

He also spoke of similarities between his and Gov. Corbett’s ideologies “bottom line is this, conservatism work and liberalism never has… Tom and I are alike, we believe in results-oriented conservatism.”

Regarding the outcome for the GOP statewide and nationwide in 2012, Gov. McDonnell said that a there is a need to “change our tone” and adopt a new strategy to attract greater demographics.

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