PA GOP Endorses Vic Stabile For Pennsylvania Superior Court

HARRISBURG — Today at the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s annual Winter Meeting in Harrisburg, state party members voted to endorse Vic Stabile of Cumberland County for Pennsylvania’s Superior Court.

“Through our Party’s open and transparent endorsement process, I am excited to announce that we have endorsed Vic Stabile, an experienced and qualified attorney who is deeply committed to our Republican values. We are confident that based upon his experience and qualifications Pennsylvanians will be well served by Vic Stabile on Pennsylvania’s Superior Court,” said Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason.

“Pennsylvania’s municipal elections are absolutely critical, since judges and local officials make many important decisions that affect Pennsylvanians’ everyday lives. However, it’s clear that Republicans are eager to create the most advanced and robust grassroots campaign that our Commonwealth has ever seen to not only win in 2013, but also lay a strong foundation to re-elect Governor Corbett and Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley. The Obama-lite Harrisburg Democrats will stop at nothing to implement the job-crushing, massive spending policies that have increased our national debt and raised taxes.”

Victor “Vic” Stabile is an attorney and the managing partner of Dilworth Paxon’s Harrisburg law office, with more than thirty years of experience in commercial and civil law practicing before trial and appellate courts at the state and federal level. Vic has previously served as a Deputy Attorney General for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office and on the nominating committee for federal judicial candidates in Pennsylvania.

Vic Stabile was once again recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association for the Superior Court stating that “he has excelled in his career as a civil litigator… is held in high regard by his peers, who have noted his intellect, strong work ethic and integrity.” He was found to have “strong writing skills, administrative ability and experience in handling cases before the appellate courts.” He also was commended for his exemplary record of pro bono and community service. “Based on his experience and his intellect, as well as his passion for the law and public service, the commission recommend[ed] him for a position on the Superior Court.”

Vic resides in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Victoria, and their two daughters.