Allentown Morning Call:School Safety Initiative To Be Part Of Corbett FY13-14 Budget Proposal.

Allentown Morning Call

There’s still a few weeks to go before Gov. Tom Corbett delivers his annual budget address to state lawmakers. But during an appearance in Lancaster on Wednesday, the Republican let a few details slip.

Corbett’s comments came when he was asked about the gun-control proposals thatPresident Barack Obama made public on Wednesday.

Corbett said he hadn’t seen the full scope of Obama’s proposals, which include an assault weapons ban and mandatory background checks for all gun buyers. But “from what I know, some of them sound like commonsense things to do. We will have to get back and take a look at them and review them.”

“As I have always said, public safety is our number one goal in government, and I will continue to push for that,” Corbett said. “We need to prioritize safe schools, we’ve been trying to do that, promote mental health services and enforce the laws that we already have — and I’ve talked about that many times.”

“In the budget to come up, we are going to recommend, if the budget is implemented as we would suggest, a new school initiative on school safety to enable schools to address individual safety needs in protecting their students and educators,” he said. “That’s going to require money. And we have some areas where we think we could find some money to go into that.”

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