Milne Receives Committee Appointment

Chester Daily Local

State Rep. Duane Milne, R-167th, of Willistown, has been appointed to the House Appropriations Committee for the 2013-14 legislative session.

Milne was reelected to his fourth term in the state House in November.

The House Appropriations Committee is responsible for leading the effort in the Legislature to put together the state’s budget.

“I am honored to have been selected for this prestigious committee assignment,” Milne said in a prepared statement. “My role on the committee will be to advocate for the best interests of the residents of Chester County and the state as a whole.”

As a part of the committee, Milne’s representatives said he will be able to serve as a “watchdog” over the Commonwealth’s spending habits.

“My governing philosophy will be to take a fiscally conservative approach to every piece of legislation being brought before the legislature,” Milne said. “I will continue to work hard to ensure that tax dollars in the Commonwealth are spent responsibly and achieve effective results for Chester County and the state in its entirety.”

The legislative session for 2013-14 began Monday in Harrisburg with the announcement of legislative committee assignments.

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