Sen. Alloway Named To GOP Caucus Leadership

Chambersburg Public Opinion

State Sen. Richard Alloway II, R-Chambersburg, has a leadership role in the Senate GOP caucus.

Alloway was appointed chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee for the 2013-2014 election cycles. The committee raises money and recruits candidates to run for state senator throughout Pennsylvania.

“I am confident that Senator Alloway will help to provide strong leadership to the SRCC and will lead our caucus through the upcoming election cycles,” said Sen. Joe Scarnati, president pro tempore of the Senate.

“I am honored by the appointment and the faith that Senator Scarnati and others in Senate leadership have in me to assume this important position in our Senate Republican Caucus,” Alloway said. “The Senate Republicans lost a few seats in the last election cycle and I look forward to helping to lead the recruiting of qualified and hard working Republican candidates throughout the state.”

Sen. Alloway is serving his second term representing the 33rd district, including Franklin, Adams and parts of York counties.

“The success of our legislative caucus depends on the election of those principled and qualified Republican candidates,” Alloway said.

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