Pennsylvania GOP Delegation Vote To Make Tax Relief Permanent For Middle Class Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the passing of legislation to avert the fiscal cliff.

“Senator Pat Toomey and Pennsylvania’s 12 Republican Congressman voted to make tax relief permanent for a majority of Pennsylvanians as part of legislation that will prevent our country from going over the looming ‘fiscal cliff.’ I applaud Pennsylvania’s Republican members of Congress for their leadership in preventing more than $22 billion dollars in new taxes being thrust on the backs of hardworking Pennsylvania taxpayers and giving more certainty to small businesses and job creators to continue to drive a recovering economy here in the Commonwealth. Our Republican leadership will continue to fight to cut spending, reform entitlements, and reduce our $16 trillion national debt,” Gleason said.

“Despite promising a ‘balanced approach,’ President Obama showed his ambition to raise taxes by taking us over the fiscal cliff and if not for Republican leaders in the Senate and House, President Obama would have gotten all of the destructive tax hikes he asked for without curbing the out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C.

“Governor Corbett and Pennsylvania Republicans have balanced budgets in Harrisburg without new taxes, cut government’s wasteful spending and emboldened the private sector, and as a result, Pennsylvania’s economy has enjoyed a significant step towards economic recovery and prosperity. We urge President Obama to join Republicans at the table in order to mirror that success for all Americans,” concluded Chairman Gleason.