Applauding Sheryl Delozier

Carlisle Sentinel

Dear Editor,

We all are working to save money and stay within our budgets — especially this time of year. As a member the Lemoyne Borough Council, we are always looking for ways to control costs and serve Lemoyne the best we can. It is great to know that Representative Sheryl Delozier is doing the same thing. I applaud the actions of Representative Delozier, who once again will be returning unused operational money to the state, including $31,400 from the 2011-12 session. As her constituent, I know that her efforts to save money have not interfered with her outreach to the 88th district. We can count on Representative Delozier to be out in the community and working with not only Lemoyne, but other local municipalities to ensure that she is doing all she can to serve the residents of the 88th district well. I appreciate Representative Delozier’s careful actions with our tax dollars and so do those I have spoken to. It seems we always hear about the negatives regarding elected officials and I am glad to highlight a positive.

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