Corbett Stays Firm On Promise To Not Raise Taxes

Philadelphia InquirerCSI, where they get things done in 24 or 48 hours.”

Corbett has said he would likely agree to meet with investigators if Attorney General-elect Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, moves forward with her promised probe of the case. Sandusky, a former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach, is serving a 30- to 60-year sentence for molesting 10 boys.

While he has not formally declared his candidacy, Corbett left little doubt he will run again in 2014. One Democrat, former state environmental secretary John Hanger, this week launched a run for governor, and others are expected to join the field. Corbett said of his tepid midterm poll numbers, “Polls go up and down.”

“I feel very good about my prospects for reelection,” he said.

He said cutting spending and reining in borrowing might not win him a popularity contest, like a father who “makes you eat your vegetables and go to bed by 11.”

But regardless of whether voters give him a second term, Corbett said, he hopes to be remembered as a good steward of the taxpayers’ money. “Would I like to leave as my legacy that I left this state in a better fiscal situation than I found it? Absolutely.”

Asked if he liked being governor, Corbett said it was different from his old job.

“I jokingly say that as attorney general, 90 percent of the people like you, 10 percent don’t,” he said, “and they’re probably the ones you either put in jail or sued.”

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