Corbett Returns To RGA Executive Committee

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Tom Corbett has been a party builder in Pa. for years, and he will continue his national efforts to do the same the Republican Governors Association announced Friday.

The first-term Pa. Governor will remain on the group’s Executive Committee. The job comes with the perks of tapping into a national fundraising network, and the duties of helping colleagues and candidates build their own bankrolls.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will take the reigns as the group’s Chairman, as VA Gov. Bob McDonnell moves on. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be vice chair as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie readies for re-election.

Others on the group’s EC along with Corbett include Florida Governor Rick Scott, Christie, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and McDonnell.

In the past two years, several high profile Govs. have headlined PAGOP events, as Corbett has travelled the country and welcomed candidates to Pa.

The RGA netted one seat in 2012 — North Carolina — bringing their national total to 30.

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