Final Count: Saccone Tops Levdansky

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

For a second consecutive election, a count of absentee and provisional votes was necessary to determine the winner in the 39th Legislative District.

And for the second straight election, state Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Elizabeth Township, topped Dave Levdansky, D-Forward Township, by the slimmest of margins.

Saccone, this time the incumbent, won by 114 votes, Washington County Director of Elections Larry Spahr confirmed Wednesday. That result was confirmed after the canvass boards for both Washington and Allegheny counties completed the vote counts.

In 2010, Saccone, at the time the challenger, unseated Levdansky, a 25-year veteran legislator, by 124 votes.

Saccone said he and his wife, Yong, are thankful for the support of the voters and those who prayed for his success. Saccone said he received 1,000 emails supporting him.

“We were touched by their kind thoughts,” Saccone said.

Asked if he considered the election results to be final, Saccone said, “The numbers are what they are.”

Levdansky spent the day with his family members, attending a funeral.

“My focus last night and today is on my aunt Helen Baron, a lifelong resident of Monongahela who passed away, and my mom, who was very close to her sister,” Levdansky said.

“I haven’t had a chance to review anything or think about options or have any advice or counsel from anyone. I put politics in perspective. Family and life are most import to me. Decisions on politics — I’ll make those in time.”

Although the results mirrored the 2010 race, Saccone said the contests weren’t identical. He said the presidential election brought out 8,000 additional voters in a district that is 76 percent registered Democrat.

“To get their votes and their trust means a lot to me, and I will work to keep that trust,” Saccone said.

The district might shift toward the Republican Party if a proposed redistricting plan is approved. It would move parts of Bethel Park with a decided Republican registration into the 39th district.

“I have to convince some new people I’m working for them,” Saccone said. “I work for all of the people, regardless of what party they are in. I look at it as I have to serve everyone.”

Saccone said privatization of the state liquor store system, property tax reform and overhauling the state pension system are on his agenda.

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