PA GOP Releases Statement On October Jobs Report

Harrisburg — PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement on the October jobs report:

“Today’s report is just another stark reminder of what is at stake in this election. President Obama failed to keep his promises and has no plan to grow our economy. Mitt Romney is the only candidate with the experience to create jobs and get our economy moving again. Under President Obama, we will have four more years just like the last four years — higher taxes, fewer jobs and less take-home pay. When Mitt Romney is president, we will have pro-growth policies that reform our tax code, foster upward mobility, and deliver more jobs and more take-home pay.

“After three strong debate performances in which he clearly laid out the big choice facing our nation, Mitt Romney has seized the momentum in Pennsylvania heading into the final week of this election. Whether it’s looking at tightening polls or the fact that Republicans beat Democrats in absentee ballot requests, Mitt Romney has the enthusiasm in this race and is well on his way to capturing Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.”