Update-Tagg Romney Visits Paoli Victory Office To Thank Volunteers

Mainline Media

Tagg Romney, the eldest son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, dropped in on the GOP’s Paoli Victory Office at 2:15 p.m. Thursday. There was a welcome sign on the door and inside about 20 volunteers were working the phone bank, polling voters around the state.

The Paoli Victory Office, one of 20 such regional headquarters in Pennsylvania, is at 21 Plank Ave. Romney’s visit lasted around a half-hour.

Romney, dressed in a sports coat, jeans and a a blue shirt open at the neck, arrived quietly without a noticeable motorcade or escort of any kind and spoke with those standing outside before going in to greet the phone-bank volunteers and a number of other people.

Deputy Field Director for the Paoli office Jim Fisher had said earlier in the day that the event was going to be “a small meet-and-greet. We’re bringing in the volunteers who have donated a lot of time and also the local committee-people.”

And so Romney thanked them, asked about their experiences with Sandy, talked about his own family’s experiences with the much smaller storm in Boston, predicted a win for his father with reasons why and then sat down to have a go at political canvassing.

“Hi, I’m Gov. Romney’s son Tagg. How are you?” Romney on the phone sounded comfortable, political.

He also took time for pictures with older residents and families too. He smiled and listened.

Claire Prendergast of Berwyn advised him, “Tell your father to go to New Jersey,” referring to Gov. Christie’s and President Obama’s recent tour of the shore areas hit hard by Sandy.

Then it was good-bye and Romney was off to another event in Harrisburg.

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