You Have A Choice

Somserset Daily American

Having attended the Somerset Republican banquet on Thursday night, I was certainly impressed with the turnout of county Republicans and more than impressed with the line up of speakers.

John Pippy, CEO of The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance spoke and showed a very impressive presentation about coal and it’s importance for our country’s energy future.

A representative for Keith Rothfus spoke about Keith’s concern of the takeover of our health care system and the negative impact that will have on our area’s senior population as well as on our current health care quality.

A representative for Tom Smith spoke and told us of this candidate’s goals to stop the war on coal, to protect existing jobs and allowing creation of new jobs with sensible regulating, unlike the overabundance of EPA regulations, killing jobs in our coal industry and preventing new growth to our economy.

But I am writing to tell you what our local State Representative, Carl Walker Metzgar, said that night, and I quote:

“These elections are not about health care.

They’re not about foreign policy and they are most certainly not about birth control!

What this election is about is choice.

It’s a choice that we have to make about who guides our lives.

Is it faith that guides your decisions about how you raise your children or is it the government?

Is it the parents who decide what your children eat or is it the government?

Is it God who decides when we shuffle off this mortal coil, or is it a government- appointed panel?”

And at that moment, it occurred to me with crystal clarity that those words sum it all up in that one, simple observation.

All of the issues, all of the worries, all of the topics of all of the debates and discussions everywhere we turn, it all boils down to this one simple thought. Choice.

Well said, Rep. Metzgar….well said.

Please, decide what your choice will be.

Vote on Nov. 6.

Vivian M. Berkebile

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