David Freed’s Performance At Attorney General Debate Called Outstanding

Westmoreland Times

HARRISBURG — In a statement by Rob Gleason, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, he said that David Freed’s performance in last night’s Attorney General debate was outstanding.

“David Freed proved yet again that he is the most experienced and most qualified candidate for Attorney General. As Pennsylvania’s chief law enforcement officer, David Freed will be tough on crime and will keep Pennsylvania families safe. It’s clear that David Freed is the prosecutor we need and Pennsylvanians will be well served by his leadership and experience.”

Gleason said, “We cannot trust Kathleen Kane to be Pennsylvania’s chief law enforcement officer based on the fact that she has decided to run a campaign on deception and lies. Kathleen Kane has concealed her real record from Pennsylvania voters, and whether it is her hypocrisy on Marcellus Shale, receiving funds from special interests, or lying about her slim prosecutorial experience, it’s clear that her qualifications to serve our Commonwealth leave serious questions that need to be answered. Pennsylvanians cannot trust Kathleen Kane.”

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