PA GOP Launches “”

Voters Deserve To Know Who Kathleen Kane Really Is

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the Party’s new website, “” Kathleen Kane has been disingenuous with Pennsylvania voters.

“Kathleen Kane’s duplicitous campaign has disqualified her from seeking an office that demands the public trust,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

“One day Kathleen Kane claims she’s an ‘independently financed’ candidate and the next day she’s accepting thousands from special interests and labor unions. One day Kathleen Kane is attacking the Marcellus Shale industry and the next day, her trucking company, Kane Is Able, is benefiting from Marcellus-related business. One day Kathleen Kane claims she has prosecuted over 3,000 cases, and the next day she admits it was more like 24. How can we trust Kathleen Kane to be Pennsylvania’s chief law enforcement officer when she has run a disingenuous campaign based on hypocrisy and lies?”

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LIE #1: Kane Attacks Funds Raised From “Special Interest,” Later Accepts $800,000 from Those Special Interest Groups She Criticized

Kane Attacks Murphy For Receiving Funds from Special Interests

However, in the primary Kane used her unique fund-raising situation — her primary campaign was largely bankrolled by her husband’s $2 million contribution — to draw contrasts with her primary opponent, saying she was “not beholden” to donors. “When the attorney general is funded by large special interests, then they quite possibly would make their decision based upon special interest,” Kane said in March on the Pennsylvania Cable Network Call-In program. (Zwick, Kevin. Organized labor, trial lawyers and other groups step up to fund Kane’s AG campaign. Capitolwire. October 11, 2012.)

Now, Kane Has Received $800,000 From the Special Interests She Criticized

During the primary campaign, Democratic attorney general candidate Kathleen Kane said she was more independent than former Congressman Patrick Murphy. She lampooned her Democratic opponent for taking contributions from organized labor and other groups. But her latest campaign finance report shows she has received roughly $800,000 — about half her summer fund-raising haul — from organized labor, law firms with lobbying operations, and other special interest groups.

(Zwick, Kevin. Organized labor, trial lawyers and other groups step up to fund Kane’s AG campaign. Capitolwire. October 11, 2012.)

LIE #2: While Kathleen Kane Criticizes Fracking, Her Family’s Company Profits From Natural Gas Drilling

Kathleen Kane’s Family Company “Kane Is Able” Buys More Trucks to Compete for Marcellus Shale Business

A Scranton-based logistics provider recently spent more than $6 million to acquire 50 new truck tractors. Kane Is Able Inc., which provides warehousing and transportation services and has about 1,000 employees nationally, will replace about 75 percent of its local fleet with the new vehicles, marketing director Alex Stark said. The lightweight, automatic-transmission tractors will average about 7 miles per gallon, a fuel efficiency increase of at least 40 percent over the vehicles being replaced, Mr. Stark said. The investment will save the company about 343,000 gallons of diesel fuel yearly, a $1.3 million reduction in fuel expenses, he said. Kane’s acquisition occurs as the regional trucking sector experiences increasing competitive pressure from the expanding Marcellus Shale natural gas industry. “It’s not a secret that we are battling every day against Marcellus,” Mr. Stark said. “The new trucks are definitely a selling tool for us.”

(Haggerty, James. New truck fleet to help company compete in shale era. Times Tribune. January 3, 2012.)

Kathleen Kane Opposes Fracking, Primary Method Used to Extract Natural Gas

Secondly, I would fight to increase funding for the Attorney General’s Environmental Crimes Unit. Since the discovery of natural gas in Marcellus Shale regions, dozens of companies have descended upon Pennsylvania to extract our resources. Using a process known as fracking, these companies pump unknown chemicals into the ground, poisoning our water and harming our children. As attorney general, I would fight to ensure this process is stopped, and that those companies that destroy our environment are held accountable.

(CANDIDATE VIEWS: Pennsylvania Attorney General. Morning Call. April 12, 2012.)

Companies Like “Kane Is Able” Profit From Marcellus Shale Expansion

Local specialized freight trucking employment related to Marcellus Shale development expanded to 11,454 statewide in the first quarter of 2011, up 2.5 percent from the third quarter of 2010, according to the latest state Department of Labor and Industry data.

(Haggerty, James. New truck fleet to help company compete in shale era. Times Tribune. January 3, 2012.)

LIE #3: Kane Claims to Have Prosecuted over 3,000 Cases; Later Admits It Was Only Two Dozen

Kane Claims To Have Prosecuted Over 3,000 Cases

“As a former prosecutor from Lackawanna County, I have prosecuted thousands of cases, intricately know the laws of Pennsylvania, and have the experience necessary to perform this job at its highest level.”

(Kraft, Randy. Democrats for Pa. Attorney General outline qualifications. WFMZ. April 21, 2012. )

Kane Admits That She Actually Has Only Tried “Two Dozen”

But Kane has a “3,000 problem.” She got too cute pressing her experience by saying in ads and speeches that she “prosecuted” 3,000 cases. Under media questioning, she conceded most did not go to trial, that she probably has tried two dozen cases.

(Baer, John. Kane seen as woman for job. Daily News. April 26, 2012.)