Ann Romney Visits Central PA, Says It Is Time For Republicans To Take PA

CBS 21

As Mitt Romney prepares for his big town hall debate with the president Tuesday, Ann Romney fired up a big crowd Monday afternoon at Elizabethtown College.

The main theme from Ann Romney and other speakers, which included Governor Corbett, seemed to be that PA is in play. Pennsylvania is an important state.

The Republicans have not won this state in a presidential election in more than 20 years and they think that is about to change and the polls are close to reflecting that.

Ann Romney said this event Monday was about women. Because women have been hit harder in this economy than men.

She said more women have become unemployed under this president than men and she said more women have fell into poverty over the last four years than men. Ann said, after Mitt ran for president in 2008, she wasn’t very excited about him doing it again because the campaign is tough.

But she fears for the future of this country and for the generations to follow.

“We are so worried about our children. What are they going to inherent from us? What did the greatest generation give us,” Romney asked. “They gave us this country, free and prosperous. What are we leaving them? That is why Mitt’s running. We have to get this right, because our children and grandchild cannot inherit this huge amount of debt.”

In addition to Ann Romney, Senate Candidate Tom Smith also addressed the crowd. Smith is in a tight race with incumbent Bob Casey.

During Smith’s speech he hammered Bob Casey and President Obama on the 16 trillion dollar debt this country now has.

Smith added he recently welcomed a new grandchild and he’s worried what that debt will mean to his future.

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