PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason Release Statement After Mitt Romney Wins First Presidential Debate

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Rob Gleason issued the following statement following Mitt Romney’s exemplary performance at tonight’s first Presidential Debate:

“Whether we’re talking about jobs, health care, debt or taxes, the choice this election is clear — Mitt Romney is the candidate best equipped and with the plans necessary to take our country forward. Under President Obama, we will have four more years like the last four years, with a stagnant economy that fosters government dependency and a foreign policy that makes the world less safe. When Mitt Romney is president, our nation will have pro-growth policies that will ensure everyone has the opportunity to get a job, become successful and live the American dream.

“Mitt Romney won tonight’s debate by illuminating the clear choice between his vision for a prosperous America and President Obama’s failed record. Pennsylvania voters who watched this debate saw a clear choice between a President who delivers flowery speeches filled with empty rhetoric or a real recovery under a Romney-Ryan Administration. Mitt Romney has proven today that he is ready to command and lead our nation towards a brighter and more prosperous future.”