Democrats Ditch Fall Meeting

Avoid opportunity to defend President Obama’s failed record

HARRISBURG — On Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania held its annual Fall Meeting in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania to display the energy of our grassroots volunteers and rally behind our entire Republican team.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party cancelled their public gathering of candidates and elected officials so that Democrats and their candidates can avoid trying to defend President Obama’s indefensible record.

Since Democrats ditched their meeting, below are a few questions the voters are asking and their candidates need to answer:

  • Bob Casey: Do you still agree with Barack Obama 98% of the time?
  • Kathleen Kane: Do you want to model the Attorney General’s office like Barack Obama’s Justice Department including programs like the ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle? Should Eric Holder step down for this failure?
  • Eugene DePasquale: What would you do as Auditor General if you found out $535 million went to a bankrupt solar company like Solyndra?
  • Rob McCord: Is Barack Obama’s $16 trillion deficit a good management of money? Would you replicate that management in Pennsylvania?
  • Mark Critz: Would you stand on a stage with the President of the United States if he came to your district and endorse him?

Executive Director Mike Barley released the following statement: “If President Obama believes he deserves another four years based on his record, why haven’t Pennsylvania’s Democratic leaders like Bob Casey, Kathleen Kane, Eugene DePasquale, Rob McCord or Mark Critz rallied to his defense? We know that Pennsylvania voters don’t approve of President Obama’s four years of broken promises, and the fact that Casey, Kane, DePasquale, McCord and Critz are running away from President Obama proves that they agree.”