Mitt Romney, Middle-class Hero

Washington Post

Ed Goeas is a smart, able pollster who has been a guiding hand for hundreds of Republicans over the years. Take a look at his latest take on the middle-class vote. Ed disagrees with what much of the MSM has been saying about Mitt Romney being out of touch with middle-class voters, stating that, “In fact, on every measure it is Romney who is winning the battle for the support of middle-class families.”

In analyzing the latest Politico/George Washington University/Battleground poll, he notes that among middle-class families, Romney is ahead of President Obama by a fourteen-point margin, 55 to 41 percent. Among those same middle-class families, Obama currently has a 48-51 percent favorable-unfavorable rating; Romney’s favorable-unfavorable rating among this group is 51-44 percent. And it is these middle-class families who most strongly believe that the country is on the wrong track under Obama and who disapprove of the job Obama is doing handling the economy.

Ed goes further in his analysis to show that Romney is solidifying his base of support despite the blast of negative media he has received in the past few weeks, gaining traction among independents, men (especially Hispanic men), white women, married voters, and those who identify themselves as very conservative, among other groups.

This Romney reset comes just ahead of the presidential debates. He needs to get back to the economy and job creation and show these middle-class families that he deserves their support in November.

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