Despite Obama Cash Haul, GOP Sees Big Month Over Dems


While President Barack Obama’s campaign outraised Mitt Romney’s team last month for the first time since April, records show the Republican National Committee still has an advantage over its Democratic counterpart.

The RNC took in a record $35.6 million in August, compared to $13.6 million for the Democratic National Committee, according to new filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Party committee totals are important as a large chunk of their cash goes toward their respective presidential candidates’ campaign effort.

The big RNC boost came as good news for the Romney campaign, which was forced to borrow $20 million in August because, by law, the de facto GOP nominee could not tap his general election funds until after he accepted the nomination at the Republican National Convention at the end of last month.

The Republican group also has a substantial amount more money in the bank ($76.6 million) than the DNC ($7.1 million), the reports showed.

Furthermore, cash on hand for the Romney Victory Fund, comprised of money from the Romney campaign and the RNC, beats out the Obama Victory Fund, similarly made up of Obama campaign funds and DNC contributions, with $168.5 million for the Republican presidential effort and $125.1 million for the Democrats’.

However, the Democratic campaign arm for the House of Representatives boasted a sizable margin over Republicans in August. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee brought in $11.6 million compared to $6.8 million for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Monday marked the final day in session for the House before Election Day, as members of Congress now head home to campaign.

The news comes as Democrats fight to win back control of the chamber in their “Drive to 25” program, an aggressive effort targeting House districts across the country to gain the 25 seats needed to retake the majority.

The House Republican committee, however, still has more cash on hand than its Democratic counterpart, with $49.8 million for the NRCC compared to $40 million for the DCCC, according to the FEC.

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