In 6 Stop Tour, Smith Unveils Detailed Policy Platform

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Senate candidate Tom Smith unveiled a detailed economic platform in a six-city tour Friday, laying out the plans he has if elected to office.

The Republican is challenging freshman Sen. Bob Casey.

Those who have followed Smith’s campaign thus far will not be surprised by any of the proposals; the real development is the breadth and specificity of the policies. The full platform can be viewed here.

“Partisan gridlock has crippled our government, but here’s the scary part, everyone agrees that America is in trouble,” said Smith during events in Philadelphia, Mountain Top, Pittsburgh, Meadville, Harrisburg, and Tyrone. “I believe working together; we can and will meet the challenges our country faces. That is the great hallmark of the American story rising to meet any and all challenges. We will grow our economy and create jobs when we restore our economic freedom. I’m here to propose America chart a new course to restore the American dream. Focus on growing the private sector, to create jobs and achieve sustainable growth.”

Some of the Smith classics include a flat tax, reducing spending, rolling back regulations, developing fossil fuels, and repealing Obamacare. Newer are proposals to raise the Social Security retirement age and create a means test for Medicare. He also supports maintaining tax deductions for lower income families while eliminating tax loopholes on the whole.

Casey Campaign Manager Larry Smar characterized the platform as extreme.

“This is what happens when you take the Ryan budget to a Tea Party rally. Not only will Tom Smith dismantle Medicare, privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age, his flat tax and capital gains tax elimination makes Mitt Romney look like a left-wing liberal,” said Smar.

Though more specific than before, Smar said that Smith’s platform is lacking one key detail: the rate of the flat tax.

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