Romney WILL Play In Michigan, Wisconsin And Pennsylvania

Washington Post

When the Romney-Ryan ticket announced a major ad campaign in eight states last night, the media noted that Wisconsin and Michigan were not among them and then jumped to the conclusion that these states are no longer in play. Wrong. Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul told Right Turn that the campaign is “definitely not” abandoning these states. She told me: “Stay tuned.”

The Romney-Ryan camp, I was told, has expensive ground games in these states, as well as in Pennsylvania. Saul provided the stats:

* 21 offices across the state
* More than 1 million voter contacts
* Sixth most voter contacts in the country
* Knocked on more than 100,000 doors

* 23 offices across Pennsylvania
* More voter contacts last week than any other week this cycle
* More than 1.5 million voter contacts
* Fourth most voter contacts in the country
* Knocked on more than 200,000 doors

Wisconsin (as of July 1)
* Consistently in the top five states for number of voter contacts
* 500,000th volunteer phone call made this week
* Will knock on the 150,000th door this week
* 20 “victory centers,” or campaign offices
* More than 4 million voter contacts during the recall

We will, I strongly suspect, see an ad barrage in these states soon.

If the Obama camp and its spinners think the map is shrinking for Romney-Ryan, they are mistaken. Given the success of the Republican National Convention in boosting Mitt Romney’s image and the egg President Obama laid last night, expect the Romney-Ryan campaign to be launching a widespread ad offensive. It has money to spend and it is going to use it.