Kathleen Kane Jets To Charlotte To Hide Her Inexperience From Pennsylvania Voters

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Attorney General candidate Kathleen Kane’s participation in the Democratic National Convention:

“Kathleen Kane jetted to Charlotte this week to mingle with the D.C. Democratic elite and avoid discussing her lackluster credentials with Pennsylvania voters. It’s the latest in Kathleen Kane’s campaign strategy to hide her inexperience from Pennsylvania voters and camouflage the fact that she is an unqualified candidate in this race for Attorney General.

“While Kathleen Kane rubs elbows with the Democratic elite, David Freed has been and will continue to connect with Pennsylvania voters. Dave continues to put his vision for a strong, independent Attorney General’s office that keeps our families safe at the center of the debate. While Kathleen Kane pays homage to the ultra-liberal partisanship in Charlotte, it’s a reminder that she is not ready to take on the responsibilities of Attorney General.

“It is certainly telling that Kane chose to spend her time at a convention where the main message was talking about how we all belong to the big government machine Obama has created. This is the latest sign of how out-of-touch Kathleen Kane is with everyday Pennsylvania voters.”

Abrams, Karen. “PA Candidate for Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, speaking at Pennsylvania Delegate Breakfast in Charlotte, NC #DNC2012