PA GOP Chairman Commends The Commonwealth Court’s Decision To Uphold Critical Voter ID Law

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason issued the following statement regarding the Commonwealth Court’s decision to uphold Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID legislation, which will be fully implemented prior to the November election:

“Today is an important day for voters in the state of Pennsylvania as the Commonwealth Court’s ruling protects the integrity of our electoral process at every level — city, state and federal. I applaud the Commonwealth Court for displaying courage and conviction in this ruling. With sensational headlines and half-truths about this legislation being touted by partisan critics, we are fortunate that the Commonwealth Court realized that the sanctity of our elections was at stake — and took appropriate action to protect a cherished right.

“The fear-mongering that has played out in recent weeks has been unconscionable and with this ruling, the will of the people is upheld. As evidenced by the Washington Post polling, Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of this law. Truly, it is time to move forward. The Commonwealth Court rightfully recognized that this law is not about the outcome of a single election or limiting voter participation. Rather, it is about ensuring that all votes that are properly cast are counted. Voter disenfranchisement is only a risk if we don’t turn our attention and efforts toward helping every voter in Pennsylvania comply with this new law. Regardless of partisan affiliation, the time for scare tactics and bickering is now over.

“Electoral integrity does not come from one piece of legislation and we must all continue to work together — Republicans and Democrats — to ensure that we protect this civic right. Voter ID, which has been passed by numerous states beyond Pennsylvania, is just one way in which we can do this. I am pleased that the Commonwealth Court recognized this law for what it is — commonsense reform to ensure that every voter and every vote is protected.”

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