Despite Sensational Headlines And Partisan Bickering, National Polls Continue To Show That The Clear Majority Of Americans Support Photo Identification Laws For Voting

HARRISBURG — The Washington Post, one of the nation’s most reputable news sources, today released new polling data, which shows that the majority of Americans (nearly 75 percent) agree with the concept of photo identification for the purposes of voting. Further, more than half those polled also articulated that voter fraud was a “major problem” in presidential elections.

“Despite the controversy and hysteria that has been created about Voter ID legislation by the Democrats, it is clear that Americans continue to support the need for photo identification in order to vote, as evidenced again by today’s new Washington Post poll,” said Rob Gleason, Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. “There is strong support — across voters in both parties — for this type of legislation and there is national concern for voter fraud, despite protests from Democrats that it either doesn’t exist or occurs too infrequently to matter. Clearly, it matters to voters whether Democrats want to admit it or not.”

Chairman Gleason further states, “The fear-mongering that has occurred, especially in our Commonwealth by partisan critics of this law is despicable. To perpetuate lies about Voter ID so as to scare our elderly, our young, minorities and women into believing they will be unable to vote on November 6 is simply wrong. But what it demonstrates even more clearly is how woefully out of touch Democrats are on this issue — and every other issue facing Pennsylvanians today. As the Post’s poll shows, Americans support these laws because they genuinely care about preserving the integrity of our elections. And it is imperative that we ensure that the will of the people is heard, especially with so much at stake for Americans in this upcoming election. All of this time spent trying to convince Pennsylvanians that the Commonwealth is working to disenfranchise voters is simply a way for President Obama and his surrogates to divert attention from the truth — this country’s economy is failing, Americans are worse off in 2012 than in 2008 and the only real vision for America reclaiming its rightful place as the world’s leader is being articulated by the Romney/Ryan ticket. Voter ID is just an attempt to distract from the truth with lies and the Post poll is a clear indicator that the Democrats are not connected with what Americans think, feel and believe.”

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