Corbett Kayaks Allegheny River To Promote Tourism


On a picture perfect summer day in Pittsburgh, Gov. Corbett, his wife Sue, and some staff took advantage of the beautiful day to kayak down the Allegheny River from Blawnox to just below Heinz Field where he moored his kayak with a little help.

After a three-hour, nine-mile trip, Corbett admitted to being stiff.

“It’s great exercise. I have a bad back, and you’re exercising, you’re turning the whole time.”

The governor and his wife are no strangers to kayaking, but the governor is promoting kayaking as another tourist attraction given all Pennsylvania’s rivers.

“It’s just a great way to see western Pennsylvania, see all of Pennsylvania. I recommend it.”

On an environmentally perfect day, Corbett said the $1.75 million fine imposed on Shenango Inc. by the feds, state, and county for illegal coke emissions on Neville Island sent a message.

“The point to the companies is, ‘Yeah, get your act together if it’s not together,’” noted Corbett. “I think most companies are very good environmental stewards. It’s in their best interests. They don’t want to have penalties particularly if they’re publicly traded company. But if they make a mistake, we’re going to be there to enforce the law.”

Corbett ended his trek posing for pictures with 12-to-14-year-old camp cadets in a law enforcement sponsored program. The youngsters had bicycled along the river from Camp Guyasuta in O’Hara.

Corbett: “Thank you for joining us today, and I hope you have a good time the rest of the time you’re here.”

Campers [in military style]: “Sir, thank you, sir.”

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