Romney Bus Tour Takes Aim At Obama’s “Anti-business” Stance

Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

Two Cambria County business owners and state Republican Chairman Robert A. Gleason Jr., whose family owned a financial/insurance business in Johnstown, on Wednesday attacked President Obama for being anti-business.

Thomas McAneny of McAneny Brothers, a food distributor, and Rex McQuaide of McQuaide, Inc., trucking business, joined Gleason as the Romney campaign bus made a stop outside the Cambria County Courthouse.

It’s one of 26 events with the Romney bus to call attention to Obama’s recent statement that wealthy Americans “didn’t get there on (their) own” in becoming successful.

Although the Obama campaign has contended that Republicans have taken that statement out of context, Gleason said, “These comments are insulting to small businesses. My grandfather started the business, and we had it for 100 years, and I don’t think we were getting 10 cents from the government.”

Mitt Romney wants to reduce the size of government, reduce taxes and reduce “stiffling” government regulations, the GOP chairman said.

McQuaide said that typically “small businessmen start from scratch … without expectation of help from government.”

Obama’s policies — from the stimulus package to uncontrolled spending — will be a financial burden “to be paid by all of our children and our grandchildren,” he said.

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