At Romney Field Office Opening, Pennsylvania GOP Pounce On Obama’s ‘you Didn’t Build That’ Speech

Allentown Morning Call

Political pundits across the country have said President Barack Obama’s sound bite about entrepreneurs last week is a gift to Republicans that keeps on giving.

Obama was talking about how successful people were helped somewhere along the line: a great teacher, the American system, government investment in roads and bridges, government research that created the Internet, etc.

And the line that gets the most attention: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

At the grand opening of Republican campaign office at the Westgate Mall, Sen. Pat Toomey and senator hopeful Tom Smith lobbed a few biting jokes at the president when speaking about their own business backgrounds.

Smith, a Republican, was introduced as a man of humble beginnings who built several mining companies.

“I didn’t build those companies alone,” he said when he took the podium. “But I can tell you precisely who was the biggest help in me building those companies. And that was a nice lady — and we’ve been married for 44 years — by the name of Mrs. Smith.”

Toomey, a Republican elected in 2010, spoke about how he and his brother toiled in building the former Rookies restaurant in Allentown.

“Now, for the life of me, I’m trying to remember a 2 o’clock a.m. moment when, after last call and the lights went up and we’re sweeping: where was Barack Obama,” he said through the crowd’s laughter. “I missed that.”

Obama has since called the sound bite a “bogus issue” in an interview with WCTV-TV in Tallahassee, saying that he was making the point that together “we build roads and we build bridges.”

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