PA GOP Releases Web Video: “Turning Point”

Republicans leave PA GOP Summer Meeting ready to win

HARRISBURG — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania met in Hershey this weekend for its annual Summer Meeting. On Friday, members and guests participated in campaign training sessions and heard updates from all of the statewide campaigns. On Friday evening, members and guests were invited to attend our “20 in ’12 Dinner” featuring Keynote Speaker, Tom Corbett. Governor Mitt Romney also sent a letter to the PA GOP that Chairman Gleason read at the dinner, which expressed the Romney campaign’s enthusiasm towards winning Pennsylvania this November. Chairman Gleason also unveiled the PA GOP’s latest web video, “Turning Point.”

Watch “Turning Point” here.

Text of “Turning Point”:

“Throughout our nation’s history, Pennsylvania has been at the turning point. Where a dream became a nation. The turning point to win our freedom. To create a Republic. And save One Nation Under God. But the dream is fading. Today, our nation has taken a turn for the worse. Excessive spending and spiraling debt. Small businesses closing and unemployment rising. Homeowners underwater. But it’s not too late. The eyes of the nation turn to Pennsylvania. Move us forward. Make us stronger. Protect our way of life. In 2012 will again be the turning point. Elect a new president. With your help Mitt Romney will win Pennsylvania. And that will be the turning point to believe in America.”

Chairman Gleason said, “This election is truly a turning point for our nation and the PA GOP, RNC and Romney campaign are joining forces to create the most robust Republican grassroots campaign in our Commonwealth’s history. As Obama’s billion dollar operation swarms into our Commonwealth with big labor and special interest groups on its flanks, we’re creating a real grassroots campaign built family by family, voter by voter. With only four and a half months to go, we are moving forward to victory, not only as Republicans, but as Pennsylvanians who want their country back. We believe Pennsylvania will be the turning point to Mitt Romney’s victory. Pennsylvania Republicans believe in Mitt Romney and believe Republicans will sweep elections in November.”

On Saturday during the General Meeting, members voted unanimously to re-elect National Committeeman Bob Asher and National Committeewoman Christine Toretti to serve as Pennsylvania’s representatives to the Republican National Committee.

Chairman Gleason continued: “Bob Asher and Christine Toretti are tremendous Republican leaders who work to further our shared principles in Pennsylvania. I thank Bob and Christine for their many years of service to our Party and thank them for all that they do to elect Republican candidates up and down the ballot.”