Corbett: “the Spending Is Too High”


Gov. Corbett makes no bones about the fact that budget talks have been a Republicans-only affair so far — they are in the majority, after all. But there’s still plenty of dissension over the state spending plan due by the end of the month.

On the Radio Pennsylvania show, Ask the Governor, Corbett said he’s had to tell legislative leaders their plan to spend millions dollars more than his original $27.14 billion proposal isn’t going to work.

“I have to say that we have seen some improvement in receipt of revenues, so I’m looking for some areas that I can put money back into the budget, but I don’t believe I can go as high as the Senate and the House,” said Corbett. He cited concerns about rising health care and pension costs as reasons for wanting not to make such large restorations in funding for things like higher education, public schools, and social services programs.

A recent Franklin & Marshall poll shows Corbett’s unfavorable rating at 39 percent, up by seven points since January. But Corbett says dips in the polls don’t sway him.

“If I pay any attention to that, I won’t govern,” Corbett told the show’s co-host, Brad Christman.

The same poll tallied 32 percent of respondents having a favorable opinion of Corbett.