Voters Have Opportunity For Change In November

Harrisburg Patriot-News

Imagine you and a few friends are flying in a small plane, you crash in the mountains, survive the crash but are many miles from civilization and rescue. You decide to wait for rescue, you hope they find you. After the first day no rescue, day two you hope for rescue, day three you hope for rescue, on day four, the hope is not working, then you decide to make a change and walk out of the wilderness and save yourselves.

Now look at the economy, it crashed in 2008, so Americans decided to go for hope and change. In 2009, we hoped for improvement. In 2010, we hoped for improvement, in 2011, we hoped for improvement, Now it’s 2012, not much has changed, the hope isn’t working is it? We need to save ourselves and make a change, that is the most important part of hope and change.

If you like being lost in the economic wilderness, keep hoping for the current administration to save you or make the change needed for America to survive and prosper. Many people will stay at the crash site and hope for rescue. Let the rest of us make the real change we need to survive and make the United States the place of growth and prosperity again.

Hope is not an action, change is.


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