Where Is Kathleen Kane Today? With Or Against Obama?

Kane didn’t support Obama in 2008. As the First Lady visits Philadelphia, will Kane stand with her?

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to Philadelphia on June 6:

“First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign visit to Philadelphia is another reminder of how the President’s policies have been hostile to job creators and our economic recovery,” Chairman Rob Gleason said. “The American people recognize what President Obama is seemingly incapable of understanding. His economic policies have failed and his hostility to job creators is only making things worse. We need new leadership to build a better and stronger America, grow the economy, and expand the middle class.”

Kathleen Kane, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, supported Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Gleason continued: “While Kathleen Kane understood how disastrous Barack Obama was four years ago, will she stand with President Obama now, as he threatens to further derail our fragile economy? Does Kathleen Kane actually believe that President Obama is moving our country in the right direction? She is on the ballot and it’s time for her to answer now.”