The Stage Is Set

Chairman Rob Gleason

With the primary behind us we can now begin working towards our most important goal in November.

America and Pennsylvania have one clear choice this year. We will continue down the same path that President Obama and Senatory Casey have led us the last four years, one of big budgets, big government, spiraling deficits, higher taxes, failed jobs and stimulus bills and ObamaCare.

We must choose a new direction where our country finds our way back to a limited government that allows us to prosper again.

Barack Obama’s administration with the full support of Bob Casey have made times very hard for hardworking Pennsylvanians. Their policies came with a hefty pricetag, and no results. Now we find ourselves 15 trillion in debt and with nothing to show.

As Americans struggle to make ends meet, the President has given up.

He’s given up on letting the private sector create new jobs, on balanced budgets, lower taxes, reducing our deficit and guiding real healthcare reform. Instead of admitting his failure, he is now squandering more money on taxpayer funded campaign trips in an attempt to cover up his failues and pass the blame to others.

Pennsylvania has had enough of this president’s excuses and broken promises.

It’s why Pennsylvania elected Governor Tom Corbett and Senator Pat Toomey in 2010. It’s why we sent a new class of freshmen Republican congressman to the U.S. House and elected a new majority in the Pennsylvania House.

And it’s why we will elect Mitt Romney as our president, Tom Smith as our U.S. Senator, David Freed as our Attorney General, John Maher our Auditor General, Diana Irey Vaughan for Treasurer and win key Congressional seats and keep the State Senate and House in Republican hands this November.

Together, our nominees will be a strong team that can and will win, but more importantly, go to Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg and do those things that President Obama and Senator Casey refuse to do.

While our party has been hard at work for years putting our strategy and team in place for this election, you will begin to see the efforts of our partners in this process increasing their presence and outreach.

The Republican National Committee has hired a Pennsylvania Victory Director Peter Towey who we look forward to working with in 2012. Victory centers will be an exciting hub of activity as grassroots volunteers and activisits give their time for a cause that has united us all.

Governor Romney has already Pennsylvania and is excited about our prospects to win Pennsylvania. I know we will see him a number of times and we look forward to welcoming him. Tom Smith has already given countless hours and resources to defeating Bob Casey and will continue reaching out to voters over the coming months.

This primary process has been an exciting time. I have never been as encouraged about our prospects this fall as I am now. After seeing the unmatched enthusiasm and energy from Republicans in the Commonwealth, I am confident Tom Smith will be our next U.S. Senator and Mitt Romney our next president.

This time around we will have the support of not just Republicans, but also welcome more Democrats and Independents who are just as tired of his failed promises.

The real fight has only just begun. Barack Obama may have a billion dollars on his side, but we have the momentum and a real, winning message of change on ours.