Mitt Romney Makes Day One Promises In Ad

Rachel Weiner
Washington Post

Mitt Romney is out with his first ad of the general election campaign, “Day One,” in which he promises some major changes on his first day in office.

While it’s a positive spot that introduces the candidate, as Romney himself said it would be, the ad also is filled with digs at the current White House occupant.

Romney pledges to approve the Keystone pipeline, “creating thousands of jobs that Obama blocked.” He says he will introduce tax cuts and reforms “that reward job creators, not punish them.” And he pledges to issue an order to start replacing President Obama’s health-care law “with common-sense health-care reform.”

“That’s what a Romney Presidency will be like,” the narrator says.

There’s also a Spanish-language version, “Dia Uno.”

On Thursday, Romney told reporters that his first spot would be a “positive ad” in contrast to Obama’s “character assassination ad” about Bain Capital, which Romney founded.

Romney actually laid out a more detailed Day One to-do list in April.

He said he would demand that Congress cut corporate income taxes. and slash $20 billion from the budget, allow states to opt out of parts of the health-care law, rewrite the way all federal regulations are issued and call out China for cheating on international trade. But his ambitious agenda will likely be hard to achieve because of the way the government works.

The campaign bought air time in Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa and Virginia — all key swing states — to show the ad.

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