GOP SuperPAC Targets Obama In Pa

Tim McNulty
Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Democrats have been worrying they can’t go toe-to-toe with Republican-backed SuperPACs this presidential year — and with good reason.

Crossroads GPS, the independent group co-founded by Karl Rove, is unleashing a $25 million ad buy in Pennsylvania and other swing states, matching the Obama camp’s initial buy dollar-for-dollar through the month.

The spot is going up in all the same states as the Obama camp ad and additionally Michigan.

The ad hits issues like mortgage foreclosures, taxes, the deficit and health care reform, saying Obama has failed to keep his campaign promises. It begins with a 2008 clip of Obama saying “we must help the millions of homeowners facing foreclosure,” whereupon the narrator says “promise broken: one in five mortgages are still under water.”

The two-week PA ad buy is $487,000 and runs from May 17-31.

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