Romney Will Make ‘Major’ Deficit Speech In Iowa On Tuesday

Cameron Joseph
The Hill

Mitt Romney will make a “major policy speech [on] out-of-control spending and debt” in Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) announced on a Republican National Committee conference call Monday morning.

King said that the afternoon speech at Drake University will be part of a week focused on President Obama’s deficit spending, and warned that if the United States did not correct its path it could face a situation similar to Greece’s severe austerity measures.

“I’m glad we shifted into this mode that is Gov. Romney’s economic policies versus President Obama’s economic policies,” he said.

King, who did not endorse a candidate for president during the primary, praised Romney as a “consummate manager” and promised to be “very engaged” in helping Romney in Iowa, a key swing state.

“This is right where I want the debate to be,” he said of the discussion of the deficit and debt.

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