A Man For The Times, Lou Barletta

Brian McElwee
Washington Examiner

The largest law firm in the world routinely wins and strikes fear in those targeted for one reason, unlimited resources. The bully firm has no concerns over manpower, billing hours or the client’s ability to pay no matter how steep the bill or how long the process. Few have the courage to stand up to such Goliathan bullies. Certainly, no one would expect a relative newcomer to the battlefield to stand against the giant.

When it comes to illegal immigration, Congressman Lou Barletta is a David for our times and he has announced his presence on the battlefield once again.

A brief history

By now, most know his story. As mayor of a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Barletta took action against the ever worsening illegal alien population in his community, enacting the first such laws of their kind punishing businesses and landlords who knowingly deal with aliens. Two camps soon formed with regard to the tough mayor, one who loved and the other who hated him. The latter group took action. Barletta and his community were sued for their efforts to protect the citizens and the process stunk like a high level kangaroo court, with the ACLU employing two alien stooges who were granted anonymity by the courts!

Several years later, Barletta took his show to our nation’s capital, finally unseating long term liberal Paul Kanjorski. Some wondered if the inexperienced Congressman from Hazleton would have the courage or ability to continue the fight against illegal immigration on a national level. After all, the state of Arizona had attempted to enact measures similar to the ordinances instituted in Hazleton and was sued by the previously referenced bully law firm their efforts. Undeterred, the freshman congressman’s first legislative act was a bill which aimed to strip all federal funding to sanctuary cities, communities which aide and abet illegal aliens. David had signaled his constituents that his slingshot was with him in Washington.

Leading the charge against illegal immigration, still

As is the case in most realms of life, a single act of bravery often spurs others. Barletta’s actions as Mayor of Hazleton thrust him into the national spotlight. The state of Arizona followed suit and wasn’t alone, as Alabama, South Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana and Georgia also joined her in taking action against illegal aliens. Most have been rewarded in the same fashion as Hazleton, with lawsuits. But, in the case of the states, the suit was being pressed not by the ACLU but by the previously referenced (but unnamed) Goliathan law firm of Obama, Obama and Holder (the former gets two mentions due to his enormous ego).

That’s right, folks. Your federal government’s primary responsibility is to protect you, its citizens. Yet, despite the pleas of millions of individuals followed by thousands of communities and dozens of states, the feds turn a cold shoulder, refusing to protect and enforce our borders from invading aliens, let alone seriously address the millions already here. When the people finally have enough and take matters into their own hands, they are rewarded with lawsuits which they must pay for, ultimately.

New amendment targets tax payer funding

But have no fear, for our David is neither idle nor afraid in Washington. Appalled at both our federal government’s willful neglect and gall to sue states for attempting to enforce that which she won’t, Congressman Barletta reached for his slingshot and hurled another stone at the bully. Along with Congressman Diane Black of Tennessee, Barletta offered an amendment to an appropriations package for the Department of Justice which would prohibit tax dollars from being used to fund such lawsuits in the future. The amendment has already passed the house.

The Biblical David stood strong against overwhelming odds, and persevered. His single act of bravery against Goliath spurred the army of Israel into action against their Philistine aggressors. Barletta hasn’t yet gained the level of notoriety of David, but his star is rising. In fact, in a recent interview with Storm Politic’s Tiffany Cloud, national authority on immigration Mike Cutler was asked who in Washington is “getting it right” with regard to illegal immigration. His unhesitating first response was Lou Barletta. So, while the outcome of our modern day David’s battle is not yet sure, his army is growing and increasingly unafraid to take action. The question is, will you be enlisting?

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