CAMPAIGN 2012: AG Candidate Makes Local Campaign Stop

Randy Wells
Indiana Gazette

David Freed, the Cumberland County district attorney and Republican nominee for Pennsylvania attorney general, said Tuesday during a campaign stop in Indiana that if elected, he’ll concentrate on providing protection on several fronts for the state’s residents.

First, he said, he’ll protect the state’s children from Internet sexual predators and he’ll work to educate parents about the dangers children can encounter online.

“I see what we’re dealing with on a daily basis,” he said of his years as DA and first assistant DA in Cumberland County and as a deputy prosecutor in York County.

He said he will also protect the state’s older residents from physical abuse and financial fraud. The attorney general’s elder abuse unit needs to be strengthened, he said, and district attorneys have told him they need help dealing with the growing problem of misuse of powers-of-attorney for the elderly.

Freed also pledged to do more to protect Pennsylvania communities by enhancing interdiction efforts against illegal drug trafficking.

The attorney general’s office, he said, needs to disrupt the illegal drug business by taking the cars and cash of those convicted of trafficking.

“We need to make Pennsylvania a place they don’t want to come to,” he said.

And he said he’ll protect Pennsylvanians’ rights. “Obama care” is just the first of what may be more federal encroachments on the rights of Pennsylvania residents, he said, adding that the state’s attorney general should help make sure federal policy is not pushed down on citizens.

Freed said he believes his qualifications and experiences make him well-qualified to be the state’s next attorney general. In November he’ll face Democrat nominee Kathleen Kane, a former Lackawanna County prosecutor.

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